Allzwell Assisted Living 

(757) 932-7142
130 Great Bridge Boulevard
Chesapeake, VA 23320

Allzwell Assisted Living is

A licensed assisted living facility specializing in providing residents with supportive services and optimizing quality of life. Our facility is specially designed to meet tye needs of seniors requiring assitance with activities of daily living, while providing a home-like enviroment. Allzwell Assisted Living has a kowledgeable, dedicated staff available to provide continual care and attention to your loved one. In addition to caring for individuals with stable medical conditions and those compromised be a wide variety of chronic conditions, Allzwell Assisted Living also accommodates residents who are in early to late stages of Alzheimer's disease, and other conditions resulting in Dementia. Our objective is to help the individual maintain their maximum quality of life, therefore preventing premature physical decline.

Allzwell Assisted Living is a 74 bed assisted living facility, specializing in memory care from begining states (forgetting to lock doors, leaving on the stove, etc.) to end stages such as Hospice Services. We pride ourselves on offering the aging in place portion of Memory Care that is very important to our seniors. Familiar faces, families, doctors, therapist, and other great community resources are very important to the dianamic that aging places on our seniors.

Allzwell Assisted Living is located in the heart of Chesapeake, Virginia, surrounded by many resources that help assist the elderly while aging, making this assisted living facility a familiar area for friends and family. Our facilitiy features an enclosed courtyard with a park-like setting and a bird sanctuary. We offer one level living in a building that can easily and comfortaby negotiated by our residents. We place a large emphasis on the safety and security of our residents and provide an environment in which they can enjoy and thrive while receiving exceptional care.

We offer programs and activities designed to aid in daily life skills, encourage physically and mentally stimulating activities, and promote socialization and friendships with other residents.